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jamshedpur: lives lived...
Born again - Tim Cantor Art

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city of my birth 1

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city of my birth 2

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city of my birth 3

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the second hand book people

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a sikh school near the steel city's ore mines

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treeleaves outside my window

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painkillers on our fridgetop

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my mother, the nurse

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my father, the retiree

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me, the pot-bellied photographer

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liked the 'the second hand book people' photo.

has a certain character about it? i love these people. i owe my education to them.

Thank you, but they're really quite plain, Shandee :-) xoxo

always interesting to see a new place through the eyes of someone who knows it!

i wish i'd taken more photographs of the place.

I felt nostalgic when I saw your photos of Jampot - not that I'm from there but there was a sense of family/belonging that just seeped through and made me want to touch what I saw. Somehow the painkillers' shot appealed the most, very stark, very real, very basic. No matter what your online identity or real-life identity, everyone has some of these things around! :)

how do you know Jamshedpur's called Jampot! you know something, my best friend and i coined that term for jamshedpur when we were in school around 10-12 years ago. no kidding! it seems to have caught on since then!

glad you liked the painkiller's shot. i kind of found it interesting to see three different brands(one relatively obscure, one thats lost its brand recall and one that's still a part of public memory) of pain balm on the fridgetop and decided to arrange them for that shot. it also felt very proletarian - the pain behind these balms.

also glad you could emote with the rest of the photographs. i've taken them at a time when i've almost lost my love for the city and it feels good when you say that the photographs do evoke a sense of family and belonging. thank you, sumita.

the pain behind these balms... very poignant words. i am a VICKS person totally. i use it for headaches, aching feet, massages, stuffy nose- you name it.

hmmm...very sensitive pictures vj!

thank you, shalu...

i've never been a balm person or atleast don't remember too many occasions or brands. though i used to use balm (prolly iodex) during my teenage years when i'd come back with a sprained ankle almost after each karate class.

The 4th pikchur took my heart away! The colours maybe..

On another note...NOW I know why Outlook refused to send me those pictures.

But now that I see them..? *mmmmuah*

i'd taken a bunch of other pictures of my secondhand book people but this one appealed the most. there's a certain candor about the subjects in this picture!

I think your mother is beautiful!
Those people in the 1st few, on the street, are they homeless or selling stuff?

she's 60 years old now. that sure is a compliment! :-)
and yes she was even more beautiful when she was younger.
those people are dwelling on the street. they are'nt selling anything.

dwelling on the street sounds much nicer to me than homeless.

(Deleted comment)
scary? i thought the disaster management in the wake of hurricane katrina was scary.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks and he was with Telco (now called Tata Motors).

Were you trying different lens combinations on the first three? I liked the second one. The old chetak that's whizzing past, the lady in purdah, smoke from the cooking-pot...

And also the book-sellers. What did u buy from them to make them strike a pose like that? They look extremely happy! :)


i'll tell you the truth. i was drunk on 2 beers while taking the 1st three as well as the book-sellers photo. that explains the errant 2nd composition that you liked.
and the obliging book-sellers were happy that i wanted to carry a memory of them. and when i told them that it's books from their stalls that made me what i was, they were happier.

You shud get drunk more often then. :)

Nice pics. But very different from what I had imagined it to be..somehow.

aiyyo, these pics are not completely representative of jamshedpur...i just took some random pictures around.

I realize that:-) Just that when I saw 'Jamshedpur pics'..there was a totally diff picture..and when I clicked the link, was totally different.Athre ollu.:-)

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